3 in 1 Chopping Board Set

R 899.00

Main Chopping Block Size - 450 x 300 

Poultry and Meat Cutting board size - 300 x 200

Chop it like it’s hot – My Butchers Block ups the ante on chopping boards 

The My Butchers Block 3-in-1 cutting board set is a multi functional chopping board which saves the hassle of having to clean your chopping board between use and it looks super stylish in the kitchen. 

Made from ethically-sourced Knysna blackwood; complete with the quality craftsmanship and appealing design that we’ve come to expect from My Butchers Block range of products. 

The main cutting board has a large surface area for easily cutting, chopping and preparing fruit and veggies, with the other two boards neatly stored in the large board. Both the smaller boards are ideally used for meat and are manufactured with grooves to catch any juices during preparation. They’re also individually labelled for ease of use. 

The multi functional 3-in-1 chopping boards eliminate the hassle of having to keep and clean a multitude of chopping boards, not to mention their space-saving durability and appealing design which in and of itself is an awesome addition to any cooking enthusiast’s arsenal. 

“I’m a firm proponent of hygienic practices in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a professional environment or in your own home, food safety is paramount. Our 3-in-1 chopping boards make it a whole lot easier to eliminate cross-contamination. They look good and the blackwood ensures maximum durability from ethically-sourced wood,” says Lee Ginsberg, founder and owner of My Butchers Block.