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  • chilli-oil-sauce-my-butchers-block-wood-quality-local

    Banhoek Chilli Oil

    R99.00 price including tax


  • gift-card-voucher-ideas-spoil-quality-wood-platters-serving-boards-braai

    Gift Card


    Make someone’s day by spoiling them with a gift card from My Butchers Block. Shop quality wooden products online and store-wide. Why shop gifts from My Butchers Block? Well, motivated by our passion for all things local, our product range is inspired by the natural beauty and diverse uses of locally sourced Knysna Blackwood. Offering…

  • Sale! tea box

    My Butchers Block Tea Box

    R799.00 price including tax
    Practical and Beautiful Designed Features of the My Butchers Block Tea Box
    • Wooden box, convenient for storage and travel 330 x 300
    • The box is treated with mineral oil for durability and sustainability
    • The box contains an insert giving insight into the ingredients of each tea
    • Contains 45 tea bags, 5 for each of the 9 flavors
    • The teabags are eco-friendly
    • The perfect giving idea for any tea-lovers
  • metal skewerSkewer

    Single Skewer

    R299.00 price including tax

    Single Skewer Skewer your food in style with the single skewer set from My Butchers Block. Perfect for getting your meat, fish, or vegetables done over those glowing red coals. Like all our products, this skewer set is made by locals for the locals. Braai masters, who want to extend their open fire grilling repertoire,…

  • wooden-lazy-susan-600mm-round-tray-food-entertain

    Wooden Lazy Susan – 450mm

    R899.00 price including tax

    You never have to say ‘pass the salt’ ever again! The My Butchers Block Wooden Lazy Susan is a round tray that is placed in the center of the dining table. It acts as a server by rotating the dishes, condiments, and sauces so that everything is in easy reach for each guest. With the…

  • Salt and Pepper Holder

    R399.00 price including tax

    The beautiful Salt and Pepper Holder is for holding salt, pepper, or other spices. The beautiful patterned Knysna Blackwood Salt and Pepper holder box are perfect for any table or kitchen counter. Bring a modern and stylish feel to any table! Best gift idea for weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, or other special days. FEATURES Proudly made…

  • Pestle and Mortar

    R499.00 price including tax

    Pestle and Mortar is a perfect kitchen accessory and to create those delicious pastes, sources, or meat rubs! Pestle and Mortar can actually coax out more essential oils and flavours from your ingredients by evenly crushing the cell walls, without developing the bitterness that comes from food processors and blenders, which rely on blades to…

  • French Rolling Pin

    R199.00 price including tax

    A Rolling Pin is favoured by pastry chefs for its precise control and ease of applying even pressure. My Butchers Block French Rolling Pin has no handles and is tapered on the ends. The tapered shape allows you to easily pivot the pin to create a nearly perfect round shape and avoids unwanted crevices in…

  • wooden-lazy-susan-600mm-round-tray-food-entertain

    Wooden Lazy Susan – 600mm

    R1,099.00 price including tax


    • Size – 600mm x 600mm X 22mm
    • Proudly made in South Africa
    • Made from Knysna Blackwood
    • The surface is treated with mineral oil
  • Sale!

    Denim and Leather Apron

    R699.00 price including tax

    The soft and durable My Butchers Block Denim Apron is made of soft denim jean with a genuine leather strap. It has superior stitching and breathable top and bottom hems. Quick-drying and ultra-light Denim and Leather Apron. Making it the perfect comfortable braai outfit! An adjustable leather strap around the neck with cross-back straps. This will…

  • Sale!

    Spice Box

    R999.00 price including tax

    The My Butchers Block Spice Box is a veritable treasure trove of spices. The Spice Box is equipped with a secure lid and 12 individual compartments for easy storage. You can mix and match your favourite flavour combinations or experiment with different taste sensations. The spice box comes in two variants, a Spice box or…