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    Gift Card


    Make someone’s day by spoiling them with a gift card from My Butchers Block. Shop quality wooden products online and store-wide. Why shop gifts from My Butchers Block? Well, motivated by our passion for all things local, our product range is inspired by the natural beauty and diverse uses of locally sourced Knysna Blackwood. Offering…

  • Steak knife and Steak plate Combo

    R418.00 price including tax

    The best Steak knife and Steak plate Combo! Inspired by our current biltong knife and requested by all who use it. Perfect gift for any steak lover, and the perfect table setting for any steak dish. Steak knife and Steak plate Combo The Steak Plate available in 1 size with a handle The steak knife…

  • My Butchers Block Cap

    R199.00 price including tax

    Look stylish in a My Butchers Block Cap! Whether you are braaing, going hiking, or just out on the town My Butchers Block Cap is perfect for any occasion! My Butchers Block Cap Features: The cap is a snapback cap An adjustable plastic button on the back. Making it a one-size-fits-all. My Butchers Block Logo…

  • The Braai All Rounder

    R1,599.00 price including tax

    The Braai All Rounder is the best gift for any braai master! is the best gift for any braai master! The Braai All Rounder consists of: Wooden Bellow – The beauty of how the bellow works is evident in its simplicity. It is designed for small intakes of air that expels in large outflows – ideal…

  • The Biltong and Braai Combo

    R1,099.00 price including tax

    Biltong and Braai is a South African staple diet! South Africans will braai even when it is raining. If South Africans can eat biltong for breakfast, lunch, and supper – we would! My Butchers Block Biltong and Braai Combo is the perfect combo for anyone who enjoys the best of both worlds. My Butchers Block…

  • The Connoisseur

    R1,499.00 price including tax

    The Connoisseur AKA The expert judge in matters of taste! Who just has great taste when it comes to pairing food & drinks. The connoisseur is someone who likes to experiment with mixing different botanicals and drinks and even pair it with food. This is the perfect gift for them or yourself! The Connoisseur includes: 1. Gin…

  • The Meat Sharer

    R933.00 price including tax

    The Meat Sharer Know someone who likes to do a tapas braai? Not sure what a tapas braai is?  Well, it’s eating and sharing all the food as soon as it comes off the braai! It is a party favourite lately! Maintain the Plankie Braai Board with My Butchers Block Wood Care Oil Video: How to maintain…

  • The Braai Master

    R549.00 price including tax

    The Braai Master is perfect for anyone who likes to experiment with making food interesting and sharing it! The Braai Master includes: 6 Smoke shaving flavours Steak board with juice grooves   Maple Wood Shavings – Great for fruits and cheeses and pork Recipe idea for Maple Wood Shavings – Pulled Pork Oak Wood Shavings –…

  • The Meat Smoker

    R239.00 price including tax

    Do you or someone you know love to smoke meat? The meat smoker consists of all 6 of our smoke-shaving flavours! The Meat Smoker consists of the following smoke shaving flavours: Maple Wood Shavings – Great for fruits and cheeses and pork Recipe idea for Maple Wood Shavings – Pulled Pork Oak Wood Shavings – gives a…

  • The Entertainer

    R649.00 price including tax

    Do you/someone you know love to entertain guests with awesome cheese and snack platters? Then The Entertainer gift pack is perfect! The Entertainer consists of: French Artisinal Serving board (600mm x 16m) Basic Round Cutting board (300mm x 300mm x 20mm) Basic cutting board (400mmx300mmx20mm) All wooden boards can be used for cheese platters, charcuterie…

  • The Kitchen Essentials

    R1,298.00 price including tax

    The Kitchen Essentials: Everyone needs a QUALITY chopping block and wood care to go with it! If they/ you are still struggling with a plastic board or old wooden board, they definitely need an upgrade to a QUALITY hardwood chopping block! Why the wooden chopping block with a Woodcare Mineral oil is the best gift/…

  • The Aspiring Chef

    R1,299.00 price including tax

    Do they or you love cooking? The Aspiring Chef is the perfect gift or treat for anyone who loves to cook! This gift will allow any aspiring chef to make the ultimate pastes, pestos, dressings and rubs for mouth-watering feasts! The Aspiring Chef consists of: My Butchers Block Spice Box Pestle and Mortar The perfect…

  • The Foodie

    R999.00 price including tax

    Do they love to bake, cook and entertain guests with delicious platters? Then The Foodie gift is for them! The Foodie consists of: A French Rolling Pin Pestle and Mortar Wooden Cheese Platter board The Foodie will make a great house-warming gift, Wedding present, or Kitchen Tea gift All products have a beautiful natural patterning,…

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    Woodcare Starter Pack

    R249.00 price including tax

    The woodcare starter pack will ensure your wooden products are bacteria-free while the essential oils prevent drying and cracking.

    Tiny cracks cause bacteria to grow, the My Butchers Block Mineral oil will seep into the cracks keeping your board sanitary. We do suggest oiling your My Butchers Block products as often as possible in the beginning.