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  • Breakfast Tray SmallSmall tray

    Breakfast Tray Small

    R799.00 price including tax

    Breakfast Tray Small Did someone say breakfast in bed? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and on those lazy days, could there be any better way than to have breakie right there in bed? Serve breakfast in bed with our wooden, quality Breakfast Tray. Made from Knysna Blackwood with handles for your…

  • Potjie Pot Oil

    Potjie Care Oil

    R149.00 price including tax

    Potjie Pot Oil. South African potjies have heart, history and a lot of soul. So many memories are made gathered around a fire with friends and family while the braai master cooks up a tasty pot. Before your first cook in your pot, you need to prepare it correctly. This is in case there are…

  • Potjie Stand and Cutting Board

    Potjie Stand and Cutting Board

    R599.00 price including tax

    Potjie Stand and Cutting Board. The ultimate South African one-pot wonder! Get potjie ready. The best memories are made gathered around a fire, surrounded by your friends and family while cooking a flavoursome pot. Our Potjie Stand has been designed to place your potjie anywhere, without the fear of it damaging or burning your surfaces….

  • Small Grazing Table and Bag Combo

    Small Grazing Table and Bag Combo

    R999.00 price including tax

    Only 10 in stock! Entertain/Picnic anywhere with the Small Grazing Table and Bag Combo Are you a person that enjoys picnicking in the great outdoors, or even in your garden? Imagine this, a couple of beers or delicious wine with a cheese and biltong platter, the view of the sun setting over a beautiful South…

  • Botanicals Infusion Box Drink Garnish

    R1,159.00 price including tax

    The My Butchers Block Botanicals Infusion Box Drink Garnish is a treasure trove consisting of botanicals and spices that can be used to infuse any drink. Stretch your imagination to the limit and create Instagram-worthy drinks! With the Botanicals, Infusion Box garnish a drink with your favorite botanicals flavor combinations. Experiment with different taste sensations….

  • Grazing Table / Picnic Table Large

    R1,399.00 price including tax
    Large Features:
    • Size – 1000mm x 200mm
    • 4 x wine glass holders
    • 1 x Wine bottle holder
    • 1 x Ice Bucket Holder
    • Two cut-outs with stainless-steel sauce holders for dipping.
    • *Includes 2 stainless steel sauce holders
    • Extra space on the table to beautifully layout any snacks.
    • The surface is treated with mineral oil.
  • Wooden Cheese Board - Large

    Wooden Cheese Board – Large

    R499.00 price including tax


    • Size – 480mm x 260mm x 22mm
    • Proudly made in South Africa from Knysna Blackwood sourced from Sustainably managed plantations
    • Perfect gift for weddings, corporate events, housewarmings, birthdays, or other special days!
    • Beautiful natural patterning
  • Wooden Paddle Board Large

    R499.00 price including tax

    The My Butchers Block wooden paddle serving board got its name because of its visual similarity to a paddle. This beautiful board with natural patterning can be used as a cutting/chopping board or a serving board. The kitchen Paddle Board is perfect for cheese platters or serving hot dishes on. The Paddle Board is also…

  • French Artisanal Board - Large

    French Artisanal Board – Large

    R369.00 price including tax

    The French Artisanal Board – Large is sure to wow guests and entertainers alike with its subdued elegance and uber practicality. Locally manufactured from high-quality wood, it is a must-have serving board to complement fine foods for table sharing. The artisanal board is perfect for platters: Cheese, charcuterie, bread, and other delectable morsels intended for…