How to clean your wooden chopping board?


You have unwrapped your My Butchers Block, it looks beautiful on your kitchen counter. 

But before you use your My Butcher Block boards, we highly recommend you clean them first. 

Although there are many suggestions and tips out there, we have made it easier for you. 

How to use My Butchers Block disinfectant spray?

1. Spray the My Butchers Block Board with My Butchers Block Disinfectant spray and wipe down with a damp cloth.  

Never submerge My Butchers Block cutting boards and products in water. Wood is porous and it will soak up the water causing your cutting boards and wooden products to crack and warp!  

2.  After cleaning a My Butchers Block Chopping Board, you should always oil it using My Butchers Block Mineral Oil. 

My Butchers Block Chopping Board must be dry before oiling it. Be sure to include that in your timing. Caring for wooden products is an art, it takes time but so worth it! 

If you are on a budget and do not want to spend money right now on both the My Butchers Block Disinfectant spray and My Butchers Block Mineral oil.   

We suggest buying the My Butchers Block Mineral oil first. 

How to clean a wooden board with just My Butchers Block mineral oil? 

My Butchers Block Mineral Oil is a food-grade oil that easily absorbs and penetrates deeply into the grain of the wood to help protect, revitalize and moisturize the wood fibres which aids in the prevention of drying and cracking. 

1. Once you have unpacked your My Butchers Block product wipe it down with soapy water and a cloth.  

(Again, we cannot express this enough, never submerge your My Butchers Block products in water) 

2. Once the board is dry apply the My Butchers Block mineral oil and spread it with a cloth or paper towel.

3. The oil should be left to soak for as long as possible.

Tip: leave the oil on your board over night and give it a quick wipe in the morning to remove any excess oil.

4. Use a dry clean cloth or paper towel, polish off any oil so that the board does not feel damp or sticky.

My Butchers Block Mineral Oil prevents the board from drying, cracking and keeps your board sanitary. Tiny cracks causes bacteria to grow, the My Butchers Block Mineral oil will seep into the cracks keeping your board sanitary. 

We do suggest oiling your My Butchers Block products as often as possible in the beginning in 

Is it necessary to also use the My Butchers Block Beeswax Conditioner?

Yes, Beeswax conditioner is an extra benefit of sealing the pores of the wood. Wood is still a living organism and reacts to its environment. 

Beeswax conditioner will seal the My Butchers Block Mineral oil in the wood, and protect the board from cracking or warping and bacteria.

How to apply My Butchers Block Beeswax conditioner?

A little goes a long way! 

1. Wax on

Rub the My Butchers Block beeswax into the board with a soft, lint free cloth or soft paper towel.

Allow the wax to sit on the board for 5 min or longer. (Some have suggested to leave the wax on until the next use.)

2. Wax off

Once the wax has soaked into the board, buff it with a soft cloth. 

The best finish for your My Butchers Block products!

My Butchers Block Wood Polish will help to provide your wooden products with one of the most natural looking finishes. It will have the wood looking good as new!

The Wood Polish is 100% natural, eco friendly and proudly made in South Africa.

Good for all wooden household products.

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