2 Easy Ways to Smoke Meat, Fish and Veg

My Butchers Block has created fool proof smoking planks and wood shavings to add a delicious depth of flavor to your next braai.

Smoking Planks

Cooking meat over a fire on a piece of hardwood is an ancient technique used by Native Americans, who, pinned their daily catch of salmon to large wood boards and then slow cooked them over the coals of the fire. Braaing this way adds a subtle smoke flavour to the meat, fish and veg. It’s an easy way to smoke meat – no pricy equipment necessary!


Choose the right flavour

Maple gives a sweet flavour that is excellent with poultry and pork.

Cedar is best for fish and white meat. Because cedar is hard, choose ingredients that are more delicate to cook. In the veg department, cedar is awesome for peppers and zucchini.

Oak has a distinct smoke flavour which is great with pork and beef—meats that can withstand stronger smokes.

Cherry tends to be mild, with a hint of fruitiness or sweetness. The mild woods pair best with more delicate meats like chicken and fish, where a little smoke goes a long way.

How to use a smoking plank

Step 1: Choose your Flavour. Your choices are Maple, Cedar, Oak or Cherry.


Step 2: Submerge your planks in water for at least 30 minutes before use, but ideally for a few hours or overnight before the braai.


Step 3: Place braai planks on an open flame for 1-2 minutes on the side you will be arranging and braaing your dish.


Step 4: Grill your meat, fish or vegetables to your taste directly on the board.


  • If you are using a kettle braai you can cover it with the lid to enhance the smoke flavour.
  • Make sure that your coals are still quite warm.
  • The planks are placed directly onto your braai grid. Once the plank starts heating up, it starts to smoke, releasing all the flavored goodness that infuses with the food.
  • For best results, let your food get lost in the smoke for at least 15 minutes before taking it off the fire.


Next level: Use your My Butchers Block Smoking Planks to do pizza on the braai or gourmet smoked cheese for the starters.

Your My Butchers Block Smoking Planks, although disposable, can be used more than once, but the intensity of the flavour will decrease with use.

Looking for a Smoking Plank recipe to try out? Visit our website.


Wood Shavings


Just like our smoking planks we also have even easier to use, wood shavings to add that extra delicious smoke to the fire.


Smoke Shavings

Smoking Shavings are a quick and convenient way to produce delicious smoked foods using a Stovetop Home Smoker or gas or charcoal BBQ. Due to their size, they smolder for a shorter time to produce a delicious smoky flavor.

What Smoking Woods Should You Use?

Wood flavors are a personal choice of taste but here is a brief description of my favorites:

  • Oak gives a heavier smoke flavor and is great for red meat and game; this is probably the best wood for the best steak. A fantastic wood for smoking too as it gives a lovely colour and a deep smoky flavour.
  • Cedar is the traditional wood for fish it is also fantastic for fruit and seafood. In the US cedar is used a lot to cook other food such as chicken, this is a matter of taste as cedar imparts a sweet, spicy flavour so not for all! Smoking in cedar is amazing. but again, very spicy. You either love it or hate it!
  • Cherry has a subtle mild, fruity flavour and is excellent for poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit. Smoking in cherry gives a fantastic colour and a subtler, sweeter smoky flavour. This wood should be used when you want to compliment the flavour of your food and not overpower it.

We are proud to introduce two additional wood shaving flavors: Walnut and Wild Olive to our existing range of flavor shavings: cedar, oak, cherry and maple

  • Walnut delivers a heavy smoke and is excellent for strong flavored red meat and game.
  • Wild Olive is ideal for any poultry.

Smoking your food will give it an extra depth of flavour and elevate the regular braai to a gourmet event.

Ethically Sourced

My Butchers Block products are proudly South African, which means that only local and ethically sourced wood is used and that all of our products are made by locals too.

The Smoking Plank and Smoke Shavings is a great gift as it fits the bill of being on-trend and useful. It’s also perfect for those family braais.

Want to serve all those delicious goodies, consider using https://mybutchersblock.co.za/butchers-block-plankie-braai-board


Smoking Planks

Size – 280 x 130 x 7

Packaged – 2 per pack.

Recommended retail price – R149.00

Smoke Shavings

Size – approximately 100 grams

Recommended retail price: R49.00 per bag.

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