My Butchers Block Handmade Bellow - My Butchers Block

My Butchers Block Handmade Bellow

My Butcher's Block

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COMPACT & STURDY: crafted from ply board and riplock fabric for excellent durability. Perfect handheld sized for the home and small enough to hang next to the fireplace, chimney and wood stove.

SIMPLE TO USE & IDEAL GIFT: Bellows draw in air through a hole in the bottom and force it out through a nozzle. This eliminates the need to blow directly into a fire, thus reducing the risks of burns. Bellows make an ideal housewarming gift for a home with a fireplace.
DECORATIVE: A fireplace bellow is both decorative and useful. Traditionally design has become more of a piece of art. It can add a decorative touch to any wood burning fireplace and create a more rustic setting, make for some nice home decor on the wall.

NO NEED ASSEMBLED & EASY TO STORE: No need assembly required. This well made and attractive blower works as expected and is easy to store by hanging on the fireplace tool stand.

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