About us

Passionate about all things local

Motivated by our passion for all things local, the My Butchers Block product range is inspired by the natural beauty and diverse uses of locally sourced Knysna Blackwood. Since 2012, owner Lee Ginsberg and his team have been making and delivering high quality wooden chopping boards, trendy braai boards and other select products in the My Butcher’s Block Range to all major retailers countrywide.

My Butchers Block is passionate about all things local and Proudly South African

Today, our diverse range of culinary products have become synonymous with South Africa’s favourite pastime: the braai. We are proud to be a sponsor of the SA’s most loved cooking shows.

  • Ultimate Braai Master
  • Koekedoor
  • Just cooking
  • Steakhouse Championship
  • Jenny (Morris) and Reeza’s Fabulous Food Academy
  • Kom Ons Braai
  • Laat the Potte Prut
  • Lek Jou Lippe Af
  • Bak en brou